Payments that transform
your real estate business.

Real Security.

Real Efficiency.

Real Savings.

Introducing Paymode-X for real estate.

It's not a great time to be dealing with legacy payment systems.

Smarter, more sophisticated fraudsters

But that's exactly what thousands of real estate companies are having to do.

While the rest of the world has gone digital, real estate professionals are still stuck behind piles of paper checks. You're spending countless hours on overwhelmingly manual, paper-based processes that are inherently laden with the risk of fraud.

We know a better way is out there - and you probably do too. Real estate deserves to benefit from the vastly improved simplicity, speed, security and visibility that come with digital payments.

But when your old systems and processes are so deeply ingrained in your business, crossing the gap from paper to digital can seem like a daunting task.

A worldwide migration towards remote work

Rapidly changing payment preferences

That's where we come in.

Bottomline has helped real estate companies transform their business through payments


Paymode-X is our automated, end-to-end AP solution that's trusted by over 450,000 businesses

Trusted by large real estate companies across the nation, who use it to:

1. Improve AP efficiency

2. Mitigate the risk of payment fraud

3. Improve cashflow by realizing new rebate opportunities

We take care of vendor enrollment and help guide clients through a smooth, painless, ERP-agnostic implementation process. Thousands of payers later, we've gotten pretty good at it.




6 out of 10 customers report 50% lower processing costs.

7 out of 10 customers speed up processing time by at least 25%

8 out of 10 customers earn 50% more cashback rebates.

(Out of those that do, most see a boost of at least 50%)

How does Paymode-X help real estate companies succeed?

Securityinstead of risk.

Reduce an enormous amount of liability with our massive network of validated vendors. Plus, no more risk of check fraud.

Strong relationshipswith vendors.

They gain insight payment status and timing, as well as access to valuable AR tools.

Simplicityinstead of complexity.

Replace many steps, drawn-out processes with as few as 3 clean, streamlined ones that free up your people for higher-value tasks.

Opportunityinstead of complexity.

Improve margins with early payment discounts, late fee avoidance and cash back rebates.

Insightinstead of guesswork.

Get comprehensive, audit-friendly visibility into the entire payment process. See the real-time status of any payment in your system.

Growthinstead of stagnancy.

Grow your business faster while compounding value, not inefficiencies.


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